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Inglewood & Ramsay City Project Updates

Provided by the City of Calgary on February 9, 2023

Reminder: Inglewood Bird Sanctuary pathway access and temporary closures

Work as part of the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Reconnection project resumed on January 9, 2023, after a scheduled pause for the holiday season.

As crews continue work in the Sanctuary, temporary short-term closures will be required through April 2023 to allow for safe movement of material and construction activity. See details below and look for onsite signage as you move through the Sanctuary. A map of trail closures is available on the project webpage at

  • Trail A remains closed.

  • Trail B is open but short-term closures will be required.

  • The section of Trail C closest to Colonel Walker House is closed. The section across the lagoon, including the island loop, is open but short-term closures will be required.

  • Pathway users along Sanctuary Road SE may experience maximum 15-minute delays while trucks deliver material to the site. Please ensure your safety and the safety of our workers by following the direction of the onsite flaggers.

We wish to thank the residents of Inglewood and Ramsay as well as visitors to the Sanctuary for their patience and support while we work towards protecting and restoring the habitat of this important natural park.

Visit to learn more. Contact 311 to have this message translated to French.

Spotlight on safety and accessibility: Green Line's stations and trains

Green Line’s stations and trains are designed to promote accessible, safe and secure transit use for all Calgarians. Here’s what Ramsay/Inglewood residents can expect from their future Green Line station and the Urbos 100 Light Rail Vehicle (LRV).

Green Line stations will feature plenty of signage, informational displays and wayfinding details to help riders navigate the area. A tactile strip will also inform visually-impaired riders of the platform’s edge.

Station platforms will also be lower, meaning less ramp traversal to reach a platform from street level. Where possible, stations will also feature weather protection, including transparent and heated passenger shelters; well-lit, open spaces with plenty of CCTV cameras for added security; and help phones that offer immediate assistance.

Outside of Ramsay/Inglewood, our underground stations will feature convenient elevator access from ground level and will likewise take advantage of CCTV cameras and help phones to promote security.

Our new Urbos 100 LRV also makes use of accessibility- and safety-conscious low-floor technology. Lowered floors remove the need for steps during boarding and integrate more easily with existing city infrastructure and communities. As well, the LRV’s eight entrances dock level with station platforms, providing a safe, accessible, and convenient boarding experience for riders.

In addition, the Urbos offers three designated, roomy areas for people with mobility aids. Each of these designated areas is flanked by two entryways that allow immediate boarding and exiting for people with mobility aids. The Urbos also includes an easy to navigate, spacious interior with plenty of hand grips.

For a full breakdown of these designs, visit Green Line’s safety and accessibility page.


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