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Who We Are

We are the Ramsay Community Association (RCA), and in our service to our residents we value connection, inclusivity, and sustainability. Our association started out in 1948 as the Grandview Association and was renamed to Ramsay Community Association in 1956. The RCA has a board of directors and many dedicated volunteers. See current volunteer opportunities

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of Ramsay residents with a variety of interests and skillsets. Meet the current board members.

View the latest Ramsay Community Association Bylaws


The RCA has a handful of committees that focus on specific important issues and initiatives in our community. We have committees for:

RCA Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision Statement 

Ramsay is a safe, dynamic, and inclusive community supporting sustainable growth while honouring its heritage.

Mission Statement

We ensure a vibrant, connected community by providing recreation and social amenities; facilitating participation in community issues, solutions, projects, and events; and engaging and advocating in local planning and development.

Our Core Values

(1) Connection

  • Ramsay is described by many residents as a small town in the heart of the city. We strive to create and promote opportunities for people to connect and feel a sense of belonging. 

  • We uphold connection by communicating with residents and maintaining transparency. 

  • We advocate on behalf of the community, staying apprised of local issues and historic context, understanding residents’ views of change as well as the impacts of change on the community. We work with appropriate regulatory and government organizations in a positive and respectful way to ensure that the proposed change has a neutral or positive impact in the community.

(2) Inclusivity

  • We embrace our diversity by finding ways to make everyone feel welcome, respecting different opinions, and promoting the unique talents of our community members. 

  • We build community by creating and supporting inclusive programs, events, and spaces that allow community members to come together to play, learn, celebrate, collaborate, and connect. 

(3) Sustainability

  • We respect our people by acknowledging that an active and viable community association is only possible through an engaged volunteer base. Volunteer time and effort, and the limits of both, are respected and valued. 

  • We prioritize financial sustainability, which is the key factor in Board decision-making regarding revenue and expenditure of funds. We strike a balance between programs and events and the resources available to implement and maintain them. 

  • We maintain healthy community spaces by sustaining and enhancing our facilities to ensure their use and enjoyment by community members and as a source of revenue to cover their maintenance and renovation as determined by regularly updated life-cycle plans. 

RCA Bylaws

Ramsay Historical Context Paper

This 2013 paper explains the history of Ramsay. Click here to read this paper by Marilyn Williams of the Calgary Heritage Authority.

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