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Give your input on Calgary’s ‘Rezoning for housing’

The City of Calgary is proposing a citywide rezoning to a base residential district. 

The City says the goals of this change are to: “…increase the supply of housing to meet demand. Also, it reduces the costs and timelines for permit approvals. Finally, it allows for greater housing variety and options to suit your needs.”

You can share your input about Calgary’s rezoning. Here are some resources to learn more about the rezoning:

The impacts of the change are contextual to the current zoning of each property, but these are the general impacts to properties with typical zoning in Ramsay:

  • Parcel coverage would change from a maximum of 45% to 60%.

  • Building height would change from a maximum of 10 meters to 11 meters.

  • Parking minimum would be reduced from 2 stalls per dwelling unit to 0.5 stalls per unit or suite.

  • Changes to density depend on existing lot dimensions, but generally density will change from a maximum of 4 total units (duplex with two secondary suites) to a maximum density of 75 units per hectare (not including secondary suites). 

  • Potential redevelopment scenarios could be the 50’ lots and/or combination of several 25’ lots. This would increase the existing density of 4 total units to anywhere from 8 units (fourplex and four secondary suites) to 16+ total units (8-plex+ and 8 secondary suites) depending on how many lots are combined.

  • The proposed zoning requires all front doors to be on the ground level. There would also be minimum restrictions for lot and unit width and depth.

  • Apartments aren’t automatically permitted with the new zoning.

The RCA Board has elected to remain neutral regarding the proposed blanket rezoning. Given the differing viewpoints within the community, it's challenging for the association to adequately represent all perspectives. The Board encourages community members who hold strong opinions on the matter to directly express them to the City of Calgary. 


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