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City of Calgary Anti-Racism Public Safety Action Strategy Survey

The City of Calgary’s Anti-Racism Program is gathering recommendations to address and remove systemic racism for Indigenous, Black, and diverse Racialized communities in Calgary. The focus is on public safety, making sure that all who live, work, and visit Calgary feel safe.

Habitus Collective and ActionDignity have developed a survey to capture the experiences and ideas from communities on how to make Calgary feel more safe, particularly Indigenous, Black, and diverse Racialized people.

What does "public safety" mean?

Public safety can be understood as where each resident, especially Indigenous, Black, and diverse Racialized communities are free from harassment, discrimination, hate, harm and systemic discrimination. It means that people are able to fully take part in community life, use public spaces and City services and receive fair, equitable and dignified treatment from enforcement. City services are accountable, bias free, culturally responsive, and racially equitable.

Unfortunately, not all Calgarians treat each other with respect. Hateful behaviour and speech continue to negatively impact the lives of many Calgarians, especially Indigenous, Black, and diverse Racialized Calgarians. We need to understand the root causes of hate in public spaces and work together to identify ways to make public spaces hate-free for all Calgarians. Therefore, the goal of this work is to identify and gather suggestions on creating an equitable, hate-free city.

Participate in the survey

The survey is not the only way in which they are collecting feedback, but is one of the ways in which they are ensuring that as many Indigenous, Black, and diverse Racialized people as possible have a chance to share their experiences and contribute their ideas.

Participants' names will be entered into a draw where there are 80 cash incentives each worth $50.00. The amount will be e-transferred directly to a participant’s email address. The survey will close on April 30th, 2023 and the draw will be made at the beginning of May, 2023.


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