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It's community gardening season

Welcome to the Ramsay Community Garden! Are you interested in participating this year? If so, read on!

Some of you are returning gardeners and some of you are new, and we would like to extend our heartfelt greetings to all of you. This year we are committed to continuing the upgrade and betterment of our community gardening space.

As such there are a few small tasks we have of you as renters. There is an updated rental

agreement that you must sign to be granted your plot. The Community Garden Agreement and Garden Rules are meant to be guidelines for all of us to follow so that the upkeep of the space is easier to manage for all. Please read and accept the terms of the electronic agreement linked below. We have also provided a PDF copy of the rules for you to review, at the end of this message.

Once you have signed the above forms a link will be sent to your email allowing you to pay for your rental plot(s) with a credit card. If online payment is not an accessible option for you, please contact us to make other arrangements. There are two sizes of plots available, small and large and we have kept the rental cost the same as last year at $25 for a small plot and $35 for a large plot.

For returning gardeners, once the forms have been filled out and payment received we will assign you the same plot you have had in previous years, unless you request otherwise. There is high demand for plots this year, so early registration is encouraged.

We have created a new webpage for the garden. We hope that this will become the hub for gardening information and support for you throughout the season. You can find the link here. Also this year we are looking to add new members to the Garden committee, so if you are interested please join a great group of community members send us an email!

The committee works together to create a welcoming and exciting garden experience for you all this year. If you would like to join the garden committee, we are welcoming of all renters and community members- just send us an email at and let us know how you’d like to help.

We hope this is a plentiful growing season for you all, and look forward to seeing you around the garden!

Your Ramsay Garden Committee

2022 RCA Community Garden Rules and Responsibilities (1)
Download PDF • 45KB


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