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Update: Ramsay-Inglewood Public Realm Improvements

Update from the City of Calgary

We would like to provide a two-pronged update on our Ramsay-Inglewood Public Realm Improvements project, part of our Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) program.

At the end of the month, our Mobility colleagues are temporarily reconfiguring the cycling path on 12/11 Street S.E. from the zoo bridge to 26 Avenue S.E. We know this cycling path is much used by those biking to, from, and through Inglewood and Ramsay. We also know that we can immediately improve the safety of this path for users by making some interim changes. Starting the week of October 23, we will change the flow of the existing cycling path to one-way southbound to provide more safe space for users. We are also adding temporary rubber curbs with vertical indicators to provide more consistent separation from the vehicle lane. We will create a second cycling path in the eastern lane of 12/11 Street S.E. for northbound travel.

As mentioned, these changes are temporary: eventually, as part of the Public Realm project this infrastructure will change again to better achieve its priorities and vision. Once the project is complete there will be a raised multi-use pathway along 12/11 Street S.E., a vital connection to the City’s 5A Network. This immediate, interim change allows us to quickly improve safety for users without waiting until the public realm improvements are complete. It’s also the most financially responsible way to keep cycling infrastructure in Ramsay and Inglewood until we break ground next year.

This change means there will be two lanes for vehicle traffic, something we’ve been planning for as part of the Ramsay-Inglewood Public Realm Improvements project. As part of our detailed design process we’ve assessed traffic in the area to ensure this is a constructive change.

The project team is eager to share our detailed design progress with the community. We are welcoming the community to a public information session to learn more about the immediate cycling infrastructure change and the overarching design progress for the Ramsay-Inglewood Public Realm project. Details are below. We’ll be notifying the community of the info session with a postcard drop, posters in the community, targeted social media, door knocking and signage in Ramsay and Inglewood.

Public information session

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2023

Event time: 11am-3pm MT

Location: Alexandra Centre, The Rose Room (922 – 9 Avenue S.E.)


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