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Ramsay-Inglewood YYC Mural Project

Updated: Feb 27

Hello Neighbours,

We are Caitlind Brown & Monica Ila, and we’re Ramsay-based artists. We have been secretly developing a new temporary mural for the dark and dingy underpass connecting Ramsay and Inglewood in Calgary, Alberta. For the past year and a half, we’ve been working with Ramsay Community Association (RCA) President, Kolja Vainstein, on a proposal for artwork for the underpass on 11-12th Street SE. We’ve received permission from the City of Calgary and CKPC (formerly Canadian Pacific Railway) to go forward with our project. Our temporary mural will be designed with influence from hyper-local histories, stories, and myths, gathered through the neighbourhood as part of our community engagement phase this Winter 2024.

The underpass between Ramsay and Inglewood is an important pedestrian corridor and the primary connector between Ramsay, our neighbours in Inglewood, and the Bow River. This underpass is part of the Green Line redevelopment area, however, this space isn’t scheduled for major improvements until at least 2027. We’re looking to make the space more welcoming to the neighbourhood as soon as possible. We will be funding the mural project through grants and fundraising. Our preliminary budget estimates this to be a $30,000 - $50,000 project based on the <9600 ft² surface area. We will be painting in the Fall 2024.

Support the mural

There are three ways two support the mural:

  1. You can support the project through GoFundMe.

  2. If you want to volunteer or get involved please send us a note at

  3. Share your thoughts!

Thank you so much for your support,

Caitlind Brown & Monica Ila


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